Louis Hanson is an Australian writer, presenter, podcaster and comedic content creator whose work has appeared in publications such as PEDESTRIAN.TV, The New York Times, SBS, Out Magazine, VICE and The Guardian.

After graduating from The University of Sydney with a Master of Publishing and The University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (double majoring in media and communications & screen and cultural studies), Louis joined the team at PEDESTRIAN.TV, dabbling in organic and native editorial content, presenting, script writing, Instagram story directing, meme and video creating.

In 2018, Louis wrote and published Ben, the boy who paints his nails, a children's picture storybook highlighting the importance of individuality. He also launched FVCK, a Gen Z social commentary podcast uncovering different taboo or awkward subjects each episode, from puberty blues and ghosting, to anti-depressants and first dates.

Whether it be in front of the camera, behind a laptop or beside a microphone, Louis has since established himself as multifaceted content creator.

So, yeah, he's pretty fun, but don't take my word for it (after all, I'm just an anonymous narrator with no connection to Louis whatsoever). Take everyone else's word, instead.

"You should hire him. He's pretty fun." - Everyone

Thanks, everyone. If you're keen to get in touch, either shoot him a message over at louisoscarhanson@gmail.com or send a letter via carrier pigeon and trust that fate will deliver it. Both methods are equally encouraged.

Let's get this bread.

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