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Louis Hanson

Louis Hanson is an Australian writer, presenter, performer, podcaster and social media consultant. 


His sold-out debut comedy show ‘Besties’ - performed at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and 2023 Sydney Comedy Festival - received a 5-star review in The Age. 


From 2021-2023, Hanson hosted ‘Pedestrian Daily’, a Spotify Exclusive daily morning news podcast, from. He's now a regular co-host on Shameless Media’s podcast ‘Everybody Has a Secret’.


On screen, Hanson starred in Amazon Prime’s Australian sketch comedy television series ‘The Moth Effect’, and recently took part in ‘Adidas' World Cup Call Up’.

In the presenting realm, Hanson hosted the 2022 Sydney premiere for ‘Bros’, and the 2023 Melbourne Spotify premiere for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. He has also fronted campaigns and hosted events for TikTok, Instagram, PEDESTRIAN.TV, Tinder, AirAsia, Kia, Dan Murphy’s and adidas Australia, among others.


Elsewhere, Hanson wrote a fortnightly column for GQ Australia, titled 'Asking for a friend...' His writing has also appeared in publications such as PEDESTRIAN.TV, The New York Times, SBS, Out Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian.


With an online audience of 250k+ across social media platforms, Hanson provides social media consultancy services behind the scenes, offering assistance in the pre-production and editing stages of a campaign to maximise social media engagement, reach and visibility.

Whether it be in front of the camera, beside a microphone or behind a laptop, Louis has since established himself as a multifaceted media-maker and content creator.

So, yeah, he's pretty fun, but don't take my word for it (after all, I'm just an anonymous narrator with no connection to Louis whatsoever). Take everyone else's word instead:

"You should hire him. He's pretty fun." - Everyone

Thanks, everyone.


For presenting, acting, commercial and social media enquiries, you can email

If you're keen to get in touch with Louis' personal email, either shoot him a message over at or send a letter via carrier pigeon and trust that fate will deliver it. Both methods are equally encouraged.

Let's get this bread.

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